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How to replace the bathtub on your own

Beginners guide to bathtubs and plumbing

Before you start ripping and destroying the bathroom, take a deep breath and relax. Take your time to plan this right. You don`t want to damage your plumbing or your new bathtub. Get a piece of paper and a pencil, then start planning.

modern bathtub isolated on white backgroundMeasure the tub to the smallest detail before choosing a new one. You would want to make sure the new one fits in your bathroom.

You have to choose which fixtures to keep and which to replace. If you have a grimy faucet or a faulty shower, you could have a plumber check them out, or you can replace them. Get all their measurements before proceeding any further.

Once you`re done, head to the home improvement store and pick out the items you`ll need for the new bathroom.

Now comes the time, to take out the old tub. Start by removing everything unnecessary from the room. Now that you have the measurements check if your bathtub can get out of the room. Sometimes the toilet may be in the way of removing the tub. If so, get a professional plumber to help you.

Once you`re sure the tub has enough space to get out, you can begin disconnecting it from the plumbing system. Take a crowbar and pry off any nails that may hold the tub. Then use the crowbar to pry the bathtub away from the wall. Get someone to help you and throw it away.

If you see water leaks while doing this, stop and call a professional plumber. Before installing the new tub, you will want to repair any damage caused while removing the old one. Double check all components, then begin attaching it to the plumbing system. Have someone help you put it in place and level it on all sides. Voila! Your new bathtub is done!

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